Comming soon UAICO

We have considered fairness, transparency, legal constraints, responsibility for the society and economy, protecting investors, maintaining the value of cryptocurrency, and making cryptocurrency that can survive intense competition to resolve such problems.
Therefore, we would like to propose a new ICO model, which we named underlying Asset ICO, UAICO in short.


The standard document is english version, We support white papers in other languages for your understanding.

Harbor Token

Harbor Token is an ERC20-based cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network as a token with the right to purchase all goods and services distributed on the Harbor platform. It is a managed currency token that holds part of the assets at the time of issuance as a base asset and reserves, and the issuer controls the money supply.

Harbor Platform

Harbor Platform provides a library that allows software licenses to be securely managed using a block-chain network and to facilitate in-app billing using cryptocurrency. Furthermore, we aim to build cross-platform support, easy software sales and a simple in-app payment system. As a retailing channel for software sales, we provide a Harbor Store and support various applications using block-chain technology.

light house


Block-Chain Technology and IT Software Experts

Junghan Kim

Execution manager,
Developing smart contracts
and cross-platform SDK

Jinhyoung Jeon

System architect,
Developing smart contracts
and cross-platform SDK

Yonggo Lee

Core developer of cyport,
Developing blockchain
business service. 

We aim to develop a block chain technology that can be used in real business.
Create fair rules and pursue gradual growth.